Our Value ‘E’ represents the Encounter with God which is at the heart of the Christian life.

Encounter is the midweek gathering which gives us more time to meet God through extended worship, through Scripture and through prayer. Small groups do not meet in Encounter weeks so this mid-sized meeting is the ideal opportunity to have a go at things, explore spiritual gifts and generally be open to the One who transforms our lives.

There are always two options when it is an Encounter week. As some people find it easier to attend in the daytime we have an afternoon Encounter which meets on the Monday, and then the evening Encounter is on the Wendesday. 

No two Encounters are the same, but the need to meet God for ourselves is always there.

All are welcome at Encounter. Come and tend to your soul.

Evening Encounter Dates 2017

Wednesday 1 March 2017 (Ash Wednesday)
Thursday 13 April (Maundy Thursday, with a meal)
Wednesday 7 June
Wednesday 19 July
Wednesday 20 September
Wednesday 1 November
Wednesday 6 December

Daytime Encounter Dates 2017

Monday 27 February
Monday 10 April
Monday 5 June
Monday 17 July

Monday 18 September
Monday 30 October
Monday 4 December