Our Services


Worship at Seasalter - Where adults are welcome and children can be children.

It can be daunting to come to a church for the first time. We try to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. What should you expect?
We offer a relaxed welcome and we avoid too much formality in our worship. There’s good coffee and tea, a bit of a fight for the biscuits and there's no charge for the pleasure.

Important info:
  • There’s no dress code - you can be yourself in God’s presence.
  • Sit where you like, including at the back if you just need to see what goes on.
  • We’ll come and say hello but there’s no pressure on you to be anything but yourself.
  • We don't use books at the Christian Centre, any words are projected onto the screens.
  • If you are just visiting, you are not obliged to contribute to any offering or collection.
  • The Christian Centre has a small car park which you are welcome to use.
Services every Sunday at Seasalter Christian Centre

8.45 am          Holy Communion
Peaceful worship and teaching for about an hour using the Church of England’s Holy Communion service.
10.10 am         Lighthouse
The short 30-minute service for everybody with an emphasis on families and children.
11.00 am        All-age Worship
Everybody welcome to a service with more time for worship and learning from the Bible. Worship is led by a band. In term time there are groups for children and young people during this service.

6.30 pm         Y
Our weekly youth service. Lead by young people, for young people. (Not during Summer Holidays)

Once a month at the Old Church, Church Lane
11.15 am        Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion 
Traditional worship in a place of prayer and peace (first Sunday of each month)
During the week, every week, at the Old Church
9.15 am          Tuesday and Friday Morning Prayer
9.15 am          Wednesday Holy Communion

These services last about 45 minutes. They are simple and informal and include Bible study and prayer. It’s prayer which powers the church – come and help us!

If you have any questions about our Sunday Services or need to get in touch with us about any other enquiry we will be happy to help. Please Contact Us for more information.