Connect Groups

Meeting in the week in homes, the church buildings or wherever works best for everyone, Connect

Groups are small groups of around 6-12 people. In these groups we can deepen friendships, grow in
our faith and do life together as we connect with God, each other and the wider community. We’d love
all church members to be part of one.

What happens in a Connect Group?

Connect groups can form around shared interests, a convenient location or time of day, friendships or
stages in life, so they all evolve their own identity, but there will usually be some time to pray, to discuss
the Bible and to share food and have fun together. Each group has two leaders, but everyone in the
group helps make it happen. You can be in the early stages of exploring faith, a life-long committed
Christian or anything in between. It’s a way to get to know others really well over time beyond the
busy Sunday services.

How do I Join?

You can join a group because someone invites you along. Alternatively you can contact the Vicar or the
churchwardens , and we’ll try and find a suitable group for you to belong to.

Can I start a Connect Group?

Yes! If you are interested in beginning a group, talk to Paulette (the Vicar). You can be inventive – for
example, if you love local history, walking or films, sport or Real Ale, Meditative Prayer or social action,
or maybe you have a passion for environmental issues - why not form a weekly group around that?
Connect group leaders are invited to a meeting a few times a year to share information and ideas and to
support one another in leading their groups and to explore/recommend helpful material to use in the

They are supported by a small team of Connect Supporters (Lynda Kemp, Annie Biggs, Ann Flemming
and Paulette Stubbings).